February 2017

We are adding a STEM lab!  St. Mary Immaculate is fortunate to be able to share  the news of our new State-of-the-Art STEM lab that will help to better provide our rigorous learning to facilitate the advancement of our students in all grade levels PS-8.


STEM education is active and focuses on a student-centered learning environment. Students engage in questioning, problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on activities while they address real life issues.  


Recent research has recommended that every effort should be made to start as soon as children enter elementary school. Studies have identified the elementary years as the period when students form their interests in STEM identities and careers—much earlier than many people probably believe to be the case. This is particularly important for science, which gets short shrift in many elementary schools.


STEM, in the real world as practiced by professionals, is about examining, exploring, and solving real life problems. As such, it should follow that this should be the focus when teaching STEM.  Elementary teachers are in the unique position of being with their learners most of the day. This enables them to integrate cross-curricular learning activities.


STEM proficient students are logical thinkers, effective communicators and are technologically, scientifically, and mathematically literate.  Having a fully equipped STEM Lab at Saint Mary Immaculate will provide our teachers and students the space and resources needed to allow for personalized learning and engage students of all ages, interests, and abilities. This STEM Lab will complete our effort in implementing STEM Education and putting our school ahead of the rest.

June 2016

We're expanding!!  The Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten classes are being split into two separate rooms.  The new classroom is being equipped with the necessary furnishings, toys and curriculum.  We have hired a Pre-School teacher so she can have her own classroom with the students.  All of the 3 year olds will be together all day long.  Our  preschool program is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully-designed learning environments, and enriched activities, the teacher ensures preschoolers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in life.

We will continue our Pre-Kindergarten in the same room with the same teacher.  She will be teaching just the 4-year olds.  Our PreKindergarten program helps children advance skills in core pre-academic areas such as literacy, math, and science, as well as in other essential areas such as art, social and emotional well-being, and health and wellness. Our child-centered approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities and that they thrive in all areas of child development, creative thinking, complex problem solving, empathetic collaboration, curious investigation, and astute decision making.

Reasons For Choosing St. Mary's Early Childhood Programs:

  • The teachers are highly qualified, experienced and participate in yearly professional growth programs!

  • We welcome, nurture and love the students in our care!

  • We create a learning environment for early childhood children that will stimulate and enrich their world.

  • We prepare our Pre-Kindergarten students for entry into Kindergarten!

  • Our facility is spacious, clean, organized and welcoming!

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